The Changing Rental Listing Landscape

After 7 years of watching the listing GIANTS and there business mentality, I just want to say this: Owners who invest all their nest egg into their vacation rental business…. BEWARE.

Okay, I got that off my chest.  As a video content provider who is quickly getting into the game of helping owners market bigger and better, I have lots of experience with this issue.  I’ve met hundreds of vacation rental property owners in my daily job and I have focused on their need to be heard.  My ears are burning.

First of all, greed is fast becoming an underlying theme.  Second of all, performance is fast becoming something these sites promote but aren’t concerned about following through on.  I will say that many in the ownership pool are trying to find ways to cut a cord but know that they are at the mercy of the big guys.  I believe that this is the current daily battle for vacation rental owners: Can I ever get away from these sites and just do my own thing?

Here is the answer:  All owners and managers listen up.  Here ya go…. Ready?  lol…..


Yes…. you can grow and plan and become independent.  Yet, don’t let every individual who has a new thing (A new listing site) tell you they are your only hope.  They are just trying to fill a need because they know there is new opportunity.  Certainly don’t run from what you are doing if it is getting you ANY inquiries.  Yet, start moving!  So, what do you do?

The truth is you need to do NEW THINGS.  Depending on Google isn’t the answer.  In fact, the smaller you are, the more you need to completely forget about Google.  Building off your existing customer base and getting your property in front of people through other marketing means is the core of your business.  Can your business (Yes your vacation rental is a business) pay money to show up on the first page on Google in search queries?  Sure…. got a million bucks?  I don’t think that’s as smart as sending out a weekly email with an offer for people that have stayed at your place to receive a $50 referral fee to have their friend stay with you.  Ahhhhhhh…. now you are seeing the light.  Yes, at NLightN Media we are focusing on the owners and this problem and getting solutions for one important group of people.  RENTERS!  Yes…. they are our main focus. We have products that can help you start making a plan to completely cut the umbilical cord. Won’t that be nice.  By the way, we do believe that owners should hire a property manager when they don’t have time to put the hard work into managing their place.  That’s why they are there: Too do what some of owners can’t or don’t want to do.

Our new products are going to help a lot!  Have we peaked your interest.  We hope so.  See you on vacation!

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