Showing A View
Capturing A Frame

Traveling Telling Stories

Whether we are in Gatlinburg Tennessee or Telluride Colorado, our team is seeing the world.  Whether we are doing a story about parasailing or just putting together a walkthrough of a vacation property, our team is living in the light.  We believe that the work you do is truly a reflection of a good heart combined with gifts given to us from God. Yes... we are blessed to enjoy every day with a camera in our hand and a story to tell.

How Did We Get Here?

We can tell you this.  It's never easy.

Yet.... What is easy that has worth?  We believe in hard work.  We also feel like if you love what you do, no one will be able to tell.  We like helping and not hindering. We are self sufficient and have learned to listen.  We can't have you teach us how to do our job, but we know that the product that we are making is a reflection of YOUR BABY. We take that to heart.

Messengers Of Light

People are messengers.  Every day in the work place communication comes and goes and a worker carries responsibility.  We believe that starts with an attitude of gratitude.  Working and collaborating is not a selfish stance.  It's a giving humble fun journey.




Life is short.  That's me from head to toe.  I never met a stranger.  I love to talk to people and work with people. Most of all, I love helping and turning other peoples businesses into success stories.



Drone Op-Storyteller

I'm attending Cornell University in my spare time.  When I'm here (With a Cam in my hand) and in nature, I'm at peace. Being here is temporary as I figure out my lifelong love.  In the meantime, I love to DRONE.



Online Editor-Storyteller

I'm a physics student but my love for the west is quite historic.  Give me a field or a trail or a mountain and I'm there.  After school, I will work so that I can have time to travel and hike the world!

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